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We know that buying a new or replacement shower door can seem like a daunting task. Our professionals try hard to de-mystify shower glass and guide you towards an enclosure that is best suited to your specific needs…whether a multi-sided custom tile shower or a more conventional fiberglass tub/shower combo.

Simply follow the instructions below to get the process started or call us today for your free estimate!


    1.  Download our custom shower door worksheet example to see how to fill in information about          your project.

    2.  Download our blank custom shower door worksheet and fill in the missing pieces.

    3.  Snap a few digital pictures of the space that will be receiving the new glass enclosure.

    4.  Visit our fabricators website catalogs (below) to review available door/panel styles and series.

    5.  Email the pictures, worksheet and any other additional notes you may have to our professional          estimation staff. We will get back to you with your estimate within (2) business days!

Sample Worksheet Blank Worksheet Email