Certified Aging In Place Specialists

What does
that mean?

Essentially, we are trained and certified professionals in the principles of Universal Design:

Universal Design is the design and composition of an environment so that it can be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability. An environment (or any building, product, or service in that environment) should be designed to meet the needs of all people who wish to use it. This is not a special requirement, for the benefit of only a minority of the population. It is a fundamental condition of good design. If an environment is accessible, usable, convenient and a pleasure to use, everyone benefits. By considering the diverse needs and abilities of all throughout the design process, universal design creates products, services and environments that meet peoples’ needs. Simply put, universal design is good design.

As we continue to get older, many of us would like to live out the rest of our days in our own homes. Or perhaps physical issues require specific changes in order to accommodate new life needs. In many cases, this requires a fresh look at the existing living space with an eye on creating improvements that will be of benefit for many years to come while remaining esthetically enjoyable from a design perspective.


Our Staff

Portland, Or.

Bethany Giacci
Bethany GiacciDesign Consultant
Bethany’s professional experience spans nearly 10 years as a design consultant, although she has always worked along side of her husband, Gary Giacci. Let Bethany help guide you through the murky waters of remodeling design.
Gary Giacci
Gary GiacciOwner/Designer
Builder and designer for 40 years, Gary is also a Certified Aging In Place (CAPS) design specialist. His construction background allows SBPNW to offer insights not available through other vendors.
Kelly Stark
Kelly StarkDesign Consultant
Although Kelly Stark has only been in the design service for 5 years, ten minutes of consultation will demonstrate a knowledge and passion that most folks find infectious!

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